20 Tutorials for Learning Digital Painting Techniques

Art has become more complex, and impressive as well, not restricted to practically any method, nor is digital artwork. In conventional artwork, the artist needs to draw every single thing, however in electronic artwork, we have been maybe not limited by real tools.

If you’re one of those creative designers who desire to create digitally painted artwork such as these, we believe you’d find out more than something or two in this assortment of tutorials.

This tutorial is actually for amateur artists who are not really acquainted with the basic principles of environment and do not have knowledge on digital painting techniques.

What are the requirements?

  • Photoshop
  • A fundamental understanding of Photoshop

Read through all of them, study the variety of methods they employ, and turn out an established digital painter in your right.

Advanced Portrait Tutorial

advanced portrait tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Freehand Painting With Photoshop

freehand artwork with photoshop screenshot

[ Source ]

Colouring In Photoshop

colouring in photoshop screenshot

[ Source ]

Fundamental Digital Painting

basic digital painting screenshot

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The Process Of Painting Natalie

the process of painting natalie screenshot

[ Source ]

Digital Painting 101 Movie Tutorial

digital painting 101 movie tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Seiorai Digital Painting Tutorial

seiorai electronic painting tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Simple Tips To Draw A Portrait In Photoshop

how to attract a portrait in photoshop screenshot

[ Source ]

How Exactly To Paint A Wolf

how to paint a wolf screenshot

[ Source ]

Making Associated With Confrontation

making associated with the confrontation screenshot

[ Source ]

Hannsaki Digital Painting Tutorial

hannsaki digital painting tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Kikisaurus Digital Painting Tutorial

kikisaurus digital painting tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Perfect Digital Painting Tutorial

complete electronic painting tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

The Making Of Rest

the making of rest screenshot

[ Source ]

Dianae Digital Painting Tutorial

dianae digital painting tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Wonder Woman Pin-up Digital Painting Tutorial

wonder woman pin up digital painting tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Fundamental Photoshop Painting Tutorial

basic photoshop artwork tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

Zombie Portrait In Photoshop

zombie portrait in photoshop screenshot

[ Source ]

Making Of New Species

making of new species screenshot

[ Source ]

Making Of Equilibrium

making of balance screenshot

[ Source ]

Skepsisfox Digital Painting Tutorial

skepsisfox electronic painting tutorial screenshot

[ Source ]

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