How to Create Icon in Photoshop: 10 Tutorial

Here is a few Photoshop tutorial roundups for beginner that useful for improving your design skills, you will learn how to create your very own icon in step by step with file source available for download.

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1. Create A Camera App Icon In Photoshop

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In this tutorial we’ll be create a nice Camera App Icon using Photoshop.To create this icon, we’ll be mostly using Shapes, Layers and other various techniques and methods along the way.

2. How To Make A Custom Google Maps Icon Using Photoshop

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You will learn how to create a custom Google maps icon in Photoshop CS6

3. How to Create Glass Cloud Icon in Illustrator

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Creating glass objects in Adobe Illustrator on the example of the cloud icon.

4. Illustrator Icon Tutorial

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In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to draw an icon in illustrator.

5. Scalloped Icon Tutorial & Download

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For this tutorial, I wanted to do an icon with a 3″ diameter and itty bitty scallops. So I decided to make the scallops ~ .125″ (ie they extend .125″ away from the icon edge). This meant I needed 1 circle with a 3″ diameter and dozens of small circles with a .25″ diameter (a .125″ radius).

6. Create a Pixel-Perfect Social Icon Using Vectors

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Learn how to create a simple share button in Adobe Photoshop! This is a pretty simple tutorial that will teach you how to create pixel perfect vector shapes and how to easily handle the vector tools in Photoshop.

7. Design a dynamic icon-based identity

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This tutorial explains one way of tackling the issue. We’ve created an adaptive identity using a modular grid that can be applied to a series of visual elements, or icons.

8. Icon on the jeans

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The tutorial of making the icon of jeans effect.

9. How to Create a Mini Icon in Adobe Illustrator

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In this tutorial we will learn about the basic principles of creating small icons. It turns out that Adobe Illustrator is suitable for creating pixel icons

10. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Google Android Icon

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11. How to create an awesome Tron inspired app icon

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Here’s a fun tutorial to get you started with app icon design using Photoshop CS6, this should give you a few tips on how and where to start.

12. Create a Mailbox Icon

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple mailbox icon in Photoshop. This tutorial is aimed or beginners.

13. How to Create Business Graph Icon

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create business graph icon

14. How to Design a Social Media Icon

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15. Realistic Coffee Cup Icon Tutorial

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This tutorial assumes some previous level of experience with Photoshop. We’ll be using Photoshop CS6 in creating coffee cup icon, but the principles apply regardless of the version.

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