30 Useful Menu Navigation & Pagination PHP Scripts

Today, we will give menu navigation and pagination which best suited to improve the look and feel of your website navigation, as well as to improve the usability of your website.

Hope you’ll discover this specific navigation web scripts stuff is useful for your needs and then get something you are looking for. We are going adding a lot more PHP Scripts in the foreseeable future, so that do not forget to bookmark this excellent post.

Quick Menu Manager For Laravel

quick menu manager for laravel

Quick menu manager for laravel projects quick menu manager is an ajax/laravel-php powered menu management system. Using this tool, a user can easily add, edit, delete, and reorder the menu.


Php Directory Explorer

php directory explorer

Php directory explorer is a directory indexing script written in php which indexes all folders, sub-folders, and files within a directory with style and simplicity.


Sticklr Php

sticklr php easy sticky side panel builder

Sticklr php is a php script which provides an easy way to generate sticky side panel navigation menu in server-side from various sources of formats: php, json, or mysql database table.


Skinny Php Pagination

skinny php pagination

Coming pre-packed with 96 different looks, you will hardly miss one for your app.


Navigational Site Map

navigational site map

Navigational site map (nsm) builds an user interactive site map for your website and it comes with an admin panel where you can easily manage the site map items. Nsm will bring your sitemap user experience to an advanced level. Use nsm to generate sitemap on the fly, it is super easy to generate a site map using it.

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zpager php pagination with bootstrap

This class can generate listing pagination links. Easy to customize. Support bootstrap, mysql and smarty template engine.


Php Tabs

php tabs multilevel tab menu control script

The apphp tabs is a simple php script that generates multilevel tab menu control which consists of nice-looking tabs. It may be useful for web developers who appreciate their time and do not want to waste it on boring work but instead focus on really challenging tasks.


Php Treemenu

php treemenu multilevel tree menu control

It has a collapsible vertical tree listing, that resembles the windows explorer folder view. It also makes it easier for visitors of your website to find things, makes its look more professional and helps to organize large amount of data into hierarchical order with as many nodes and sub-levels as you need.


Easy Menu Manager

easy menu manager

Easy menu manager is an ajax /php powered menu management system. You can add, edit, delete, and reorder menu items easily using this application.


Php File Directory Explorer

php file directory explorer

Php file directory explorer is a lightweight php script which can be used to browse your files fast and easy.

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Smart Pagination

smart pagination

Add a touch of style to the paging of your website with these fresh looking pagination menus. Smart pagination just use css, without image can generate 20 different combination of menus.


Quick Menu Manager For Codeigniter

quick menu manager for codeigniter

Using this tool, a user can easily add, edit, delete, and reorder the menu. You can add authentication for this menu as well.



explrphp easy tree navigation menu

Explrphp is a php script which provides an easy way to generate tree navigation menu in server-side from various sources of formats.


Paging Class

paging class

Paging class is simple class allow you to generate dynamically navigation of your pages. It has a lot of options and is easy to configure.



melonhtml5 metro ui

Metro ui is a flexible and easy to integrate framework to build your one page website in windows 8 metro ui. It is fully powered by html5, css3 and javascript with plengy of options for you to configure it to suit your own needs.


Flexi Pagination Class+ 9 Css Beautiful Styles

flexi pagination class+ 9 css beautiful styles

This is the simple page navigation for .Php. With this script you can in easy way create full functionally, clear and beautiful pagination bar on your project. Basic implementation is only 2 line of code.

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The inclusion application starter script will allow you to rapidly design websites around content. Theres no need to create the same familiar structures over and over again. Theres no need to copy and paste your navigation. Theres no need for a database. Its easy to customize and even easier to install.


Enpaginator: Elegant Navigate Paginator

enpaginator elegant navigate paginator


Scrolling Pagination Class

scrolling pagination class

Scrolling pagination class is a class written in php 5.X used to create a pagination of results from different sources (such as mysql query results).



node dynamic menu made easy

Node is a dynamic menu system based on pure php without any framework requirement. Node comes with a control panel where you can add/edit/delete menu items as well as shift menu items position. Basically node outputs an ul markup, and leave it yourself to choose any javascript and css to form its look and feel.




You can easily incorportate with your sites and backoffices. You can integrate with a list retrieved by any database, like mysql, any news feed, any information from a file, you name it.


Advanced Menu Manager System

advanced menu manager system

Nested set modal is a much more robust and faster way of storing and retrieving hierarchical data on a database that strugles with relational calculus and relational algebra such as mysql


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