50 Unusual Website Navigation Design

Creating an unusual website navigation systems with optimal usability helps make curious to navigate your website, hence promising a much better internet users experience. Navigational elements as well as its structure design explain exactly how much a website is helpful to visitors and just how it assists the visitors to discover the articles or blog posts they are trying to find.

In this round-up we like to showcase 50 great website design with unique and unusual navigation for your inspiration.

The Most Northern Place By Anrick Bregman

the most northern place by anrick bregman (united kingdom) unit9 and roll studio

Homepage: http://www.themostnorthernplace.com/

FS Millbank By Taylor Thomas

fs millbank by taylor thomas (united kingdom)

Homepage: http://www.fsmillbank.com/

Creative Cruise By Superhero Cheesecake

creative cruise by superhero cheesecake (netherlands) john beckers , zender and bart kokke

Homepage: http://void.hi-res.net/

Oleg Chulakov Studio By Oleg Chulakov Studio

oleg chulakov studio by oleg chulakov studio (russia)

Homepage: http://my.austria.info/

Weber – BBQ Cultures By UncleGrey

weber - bbq cultures by unclegrey (denmark) mediamonks

Homepage: http://www.bbqcultures.com/

Go For Sunweb Yellow By N=5

go for sunweb yellow by n=5 (netherlands) superhero cheesecake and the ambassadors

Homepage: http://goforsunwebyellow.com/

Sortie en mer

sortie en mer (a trip out to sea) by clm bbdo, wanda digital, grouek (france)

Homepage: http://www.extradeluxe.be/

Piet Oudolf By Studio Naam

piet oudolf by studio naam (netherlands)

Homepage: http://www.oudolf.com/


union by union (u.s.a.)

Homepage: http://union.co/

Atelier Serge Thoraval By Jonathan Da Costa

atelier serge thoraval by jonathan da costa (france) jean-christophe suzanne

Homepage: http://826.lk.la/

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void by hi-res! (united kingdom)

Homepage: http://sheav.se/en

Nightcrawler By Hybrid Studio

nightcrawler by hybrid studio (u.s.a.)

Homepage: http://nightcrawlerfilm.com/

Over the Hills By ultranoir

over the hills by ultranoir (france)

Homepage: http://www.sismodesign.com/

Ford Answers By Blue Hive Brazil

ford answers by blue hive brazil (brazil) slikland

Homepage: http://www.fordresponde.com.br/premio/

Panoptiqm By Parabolic Playground

panoptiqm by parabolic playground (poland)

Homepage: http://panoptiqm.com/

Adwyse & Co. – Digital Advertising Agency By Adwyse & Co.

adwyse & co. - digital advertising agency by adwyse & co. (germany) igor suslov

Homepage: http://adwyse.de/

Reebok Fall/Winter ’14 Lookbook By UNIT9

reebok fall/winter '14 lookbook by unit9 (united kingdom) diko , spring/summer and ntropic

Homepage: http://lookbook.reebok.com

Sismo Design By Gilles Tossoukpé

sismo design by gilles tossoukpé (france) jean-christophe suzanne

Homepage: http://www.atelier-serge-thoraval.com/

Nike – Geç Kendini By -99 design studio

nike - geç kendini by -99 design studio (turkey)

Homepage: http://www.giampierobodino.com/

Migration in the census and in the news By CLEVER°FRANKE

migration in the census and in the news by clever°franke (netherlands)

Homepage: http://seeingdata.cleverfranke.com/

Giorgio Armani – Frames of Life By Scozzese Design

giorgio armani - frames of life by scozzese design (italy) uprising

Homepage: http://framesoflife.armani.com

De Vlaamse Kust Extra Deluxe By Kunstmaan

de vlaamse kust extra deluxe by kunstmaan (belgium) tom schamp

Homepage: http://agencysurvivalkits.com/

MY/STATIC/SELF By John Iacoviello

my/static/self by john iacoviello (canada)

Homepage: http://mystaticself.com/

glacéau smartwater: look up By Droga5

glacéau smartwater: look up by droga5 (u.s.a.) b-reel

Homepage: http://www.overthetinyhills.com/

echoes of tsunami By 84.Paris

echoes of tsunami by 84.paris (france)

Homepage: http://www.echoesoftsunami.com/

Celebrating 40th together By Razorfish London

celebrating 40th together by razorfish london (united kingdom) goodboy digital

Homepage: http://40together.razorfishawards.com/

Savse Smoothies By NEVERBLAND

savse smoothies by neverbland (united kingdom)

Homepage: http://beta.rallyinteractive.com/

Monday Music By Adrián Pérez

monday music by adrián pérez (spain)

Homepage: http://mondaymusic.es/

30u By Awd Agency

30u by awd agency (italy)

Homepage: http://www.30u.it/

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Omnisense Experience By Louis Ansa, Corentin Bac, Florian Morel

omnisense experience by louis ansa, corentin bac, florian morel (france) louis ansa , corentin bac and ayamflow

Homepage: http://omnisense.net/

Joris Rigerl By Joris Rigerl

joris rigerl by joris rigerl (austria)

Homepage: http://joris.works/

La plus GRANDE cave à bière du monde By Promo Agency

la plus grande cave à bière du monde by promo agency (france) merci-michel

Homepage: http://www.thehappyforecast.com/

Andy Wolf Eyewear – AWE By les Avignons

andy wolf eyewear - awe by les avignons (austria) joris rigerl , marcus pohorely and thomas pokorn

Homepage: http://www.andy-wolf.at/awe

Austrian Summer Moments By LOOP

austrian summer moments by loop (austria)

Homepage: http://boligreisen.no/

Joseph a avoué By Rezo Zero

joseph a avoué by rezo zero (france)

Homepage: http://fetedelabiere.promo-agency.com/

Guillaume Bouvet By Rezo Zero

guillaume bouvet by rezo zero (france)

Homepage: http://www.guillaumebouvet.com/

The Happy Forecast By Clubhouse Studios

the happy forecast by clubhouse studios (united kingdom)

Homepage: http://creativecruise.nl/


five minutes by unit9 (united kingdom) maximilian niemann

Homepage: http://www.fiveminutes.gs/

Art Project OE20 By VGNC

art project oe20 by vgnc (ukraine) anton kolisnyk

Homepage: http://20.okeanelzy.com/


ondo by sonicjam (japan)

Homepage: http://ondo.tv/

Assassin’s Creed Unite By SID LEE Paris

assassin's creed unite by sid lee paris (france) iconoclast interactive

Homepage: https://acunity-unite.com/

Quincy Réquin & Associates, lawyers By Rezo Zero

quincy réquin & associates, lawyers by rezo zero (france)

Homepage: http://www.quincy-requin-avocats.com/

Jova Construction By Phoenix The Creative Studio

jova construction by phoenix the creative studio (canada)

Homepage: http://jovaconstruction.com/home

The Boxtrolls By Legwork Studio

the boxtrolls by legwork studio (u.s.a.)

Homepage: http://www.theboxtrolls.com/

Charge me up By Try/Apt

charge me up by try/apt (norway)

Homepage: http://eup.volkswagen.no/

The Colors of Motion By Charlie Clark

the colors of motion by charlie clark (u.s.a.)

Homepage: http://thecolorsofmotion.com/

Offpixel By Martin Pavely

offpixel by martin pavely (u.s.a.)

Homepage: http://www.offpixel.co/

Pablo The Flamingo By Pascal van der Haar & Nathan Gordon

pablo the flamingo by pascal van der haar & nathan gordon (australia)

Homepage: http://pablotheflamingo.com/

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LK + Chocolate = $ > 826LA By Ludlow Kingsley

"lk 826la by ludlow kingsley (u.s.a.) 826la”width=”500″ />

Homepage: http://sortieenmer.com/

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